The following are examples of our wedding highlight videos. Our couples love them. You will too! 

Adriana & Michael (The Hotel DuPont - Wilmington, DE wedding) - Twenty seconds into this video you'll hear our favorite line from any speech we've ever shot! Can't argue with statistics... 


Barrett & Ryan (The Cork Factory - Lancaster, PA wedding) - Custom denim jackets, pizza and a Neil Patrick Harris doppelganger! 


Lindsay & Rob (Harbor Club at Prime - Huntington, New York) - Everyone was a drummer at this one! Beautiful setting for a beautiful new family. 


Taylor & Mario (The Old Mill - Rose Valley, PA wedding) - Custom Mario Brothers Chuck Taylors and a bunch of puppies! Enough said. 


Lauren & Brian (White Chimneys Estate - Lancaster, PA wedding) - Pretty sick dance moves at this one, including a dude with no socks, but it's hard to top the "I am only here for the candy" sign! 


Jessica & Mark (The Waterfall - Claymont, DE wedding) - These two were together forever before they got married and it was worth the wait. What a bash! Hilarious intros.